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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  May 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> -- you're old school. stay with us, "news4 today" continue right now. now at 5:59, police are working around the clock to figure out the motive behind a deadly church shooting. two women found shot inside the church. another shot and killed not too far away. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. welcome to "news4 today," it is friday, may 4. taking a live look outside, we are waking up to a nice, pleasant, summer-like morning. is it fair to say that, tom? >> really is. in the mid 60s now. and it's a little bit damp in the wake of the overnight thunderstorms. we have a little bit of patchy fog forming. in the western sky, getting log, a very bright, almost full moon. i took this picture a couple of hours ago. this is the super moon we've been talking about. it's going to be closer to the earth at the time of full moon
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time tomorrow night. now, every month, of course, it -- it gets very close to the earth, too. it's in elliptical orbit around the earth. rarely does it happen when we also have a full moon. it's going to be a sight to see on saturday, too. it was quite a sight this morning. the moon bigger and brighter than average. as we look at what's been happening the last 1 hours, the last of the -- 12 hours, the last of the storms long gone. partly cloudy to mostly clear sky now. the temperatures are down into the low to mid 60s most locations with some patchy fog in the rural areas of maryland, virginia, and west virginia. mid 60s right near washington. most areas low 60s. that includes montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. and for today, by 9:00, we'll still have quite a bit of sunshine. temperatures should be reaching low to mid 70s by then. by noontime for your lunch hour, we ought to be up near 8 degrees. we'll begin to see clouds building. and then by mid to late afternoon is when we could have thunderstorms popping up. and temperatures into the mid 80s. some storms could be severe. a look at your friday evening, if you plan on heading out
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tonight, in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. good morning. right now checking out the roadways, if you are traveling bw parkway or i-95 making your way between the baltimore beltway to the capital beltway, clear in both directions. we'll look at i-95 and 198. in both directions, no issues to report. making your way southbound from 216 to the beltway, driving at 67 miles per hour. a nine-minute drive. connecting to the beltway, checking speeds on the outer loop from i-95 to i-270, your drive is at 62 miles per hour, as well. ten minutes to make that trip. angie, over to you. >> thank you, danella. new this morning, police are looking for the gunman involved in a shooting along 34th street in southeast washington. that's about a block away from south capital street. police tell us the victim was shot in the neck after midnight. he was taken to the hospital, and we're working to learn his condition. so far, no arrests have been made. right now, howard county police searching for clues in a deadly shooting at a church.
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two women were shot inside st.  peter's episcopal church in ellicott city. investigators say a janitor found the women in the church office just before 5:30. he called 911. a s.w.a.t. team and k-9 units searching the woods outside that building found a man dead. investigators say they believe he shot and killed himself. police are now trying to figure out if the man in the woods also shot the two women. folks who live in this area can't believe what happened. >> very scary. you know, very unexpected. >> a church like -- i wouldn't expect something like that to happen around here. >> the surviving victim is in the hospital in critical condition. police have not released the name of either of the victims or the man in the woods. today the labor department will release its april jobs report. economists think more jobs were created last month than in march, but they do not expect the unemployment rate to change. right now the unemployment rate is 8.2%. that's a three-year low.
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also today, president obama will tell high school students in arlington about the value of a college education. the president will visit washington lee high school. he's expected to renew his call for congress to keep interest rates low on student loans. the rate on millions of loans will double this summer if lawmakers do not pass legislation keeping them at 3.4%. democrats and republicans want to keep rates where they are, but they can't agree on how to pay for it. mitt romney will meet today with rick santorum. it will be the first time the two get together since santorum suspended his presidential campaign last month. another former romney rival is criticizing the presumptive nominee. newt gingrich accuses him of saying things that weren't true during the primary. gingrich says he'll still support romney during the general election because he's the best available option. meanwhile, romney got a major financial boost this week in arlington. his campaign says he brought in $2.3 million at a fundraiser
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wednesday night. now romney may need all the help he can get if he wants to win virginia this november. president obama leads romney in virginia by 7%, according to the latest "washington post" poll. the president continues to do well among young voters, suburban washingtonians, women, and african-americans. however, the survey does indicate a lot of virginians are not happy with the way things are going in the country. that could help mitt romney make up some ground. the time now is 5:05. a developing story. the chinese foreign ministry just announced blind activist -- a blind activist can apply to study abroad and leave the country. chen guangcheng has been under house arrest for years for exposing chinese human rights violations. he says the situation has become more dangerous and needs to leave the country as soon as possible. he's asked the u.s. for help in leaving china, even escaping house arrest and seeking refuge at the american embassy last week.
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chen says his family must be able to come with him. otherwise, they'll be targeted for attacks from the government. this morning, a newborn baby is in the hospital, recovering from dog bites. police say the family dog attacked the baby boy in his bassinet while the baby's mother slept. it happened tuesday at a house on the culpeper county side of the state. it appears the jack russell terrier bit the baby more than 30 times. when the father got home he pulled the dog off the baby and shot and killed the dog. the baby is in stable condition. the caps, the nats, and a big breast cancer walk will pack the district this weekend. getting to the events could be pretty tough. track work will have an impact on all five of the metro lines around here. four stations on the green line closing -- greenbelt, college park, prince george's plaza, and west hyattsville. metro says you can expect delays up to an hour. pause of the closures, yellow line trains will only run between mt. vernon square and
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huntington. you'll also run into single tracking on the red, orange, and blue lines. work starts at 10:00 tonight. >> all right. the time now is 5:06. shedding new light on osama bin laden. what documents found in his compound, what they're revealing about the terror mastermind. what is facebook worth? what it will cost you to own a piece of that social media empire. a warm start to the day.
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ten minutes after 5:00. a look outside our weather window. if you could feel the air, you would feel some warmth. 66 degrees already outside our studios. >> you had the windows rolled down on the way in, didn't you? >> needed that breeze coming in this morning. hy could feel the heat. the heat that's coming. >> it felt good. but meteorologist tom kierein says changes could possibly be on the way. let's check in with tom. good morning. the air is soft and humid in the wake of the overnight storms that came through. unloaded a quick quarter inch of rain. thunder and lightning over the last 12 hours is what's been happening. storms did come through the region. now there are some north of new york city as well as a big cluster in southern and southwestern west virginia and northeastern kentucky. that is a disturbance that's
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going to be coming our way by later today. ahead of that, all these areas in green in the 60s. a mild morning around the region including maryland, virginia, the district, west virginia. mostly low to mid 60s. here's your day planner. sunrise at 6:06. partly cloudy, near 80 at noontime for your lunch hour. by mid-afternoon, the mid 80s. holding steady during the latter part of the afternoon. and we could have then some thunderstorms moving in, moving in from west to east. they may linger through this evening for your friday evening frolic. we will have it down into the low 70s by midnight with some scattered storms around. a look at your weekend, the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella? watching roadwork in its final stage. westbound 66. this is as you make your way toward 50. have the right lane blocked. you can see they're picking up the cones now. and travel lanes, all travel lanes should be open shortly. over to the dulles toll road, earlier, roadwork at 7 and at the beltway. that's clear, as well. traveling from the wolftrap area
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to the beltway, 53 miles per hour. just a seven-minute drive now. and if you're taking the rails, they're open and not seeing any delays on the metro, marc, or vre. angie and aaron, back to you. >> thanks. coming up on 5:12 right now. ahead on "news4 today," a chance to help other football players. the decision weighing on the family of junior seau following his death. plus, all for nothing. why these thieves are l
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breaking news. at least 17 people are dead and 40 others injured in a bombing in northwest pakistan. this happened on the border of afghanistan. the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility saying it was a suicide bombing. the bomber was reportedly
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targeting security forces. that attack comes a day after documents from osama bin laden's pakistan compound were released. for the first time, we're r firsthand some of the letters osama bin laden sent in the years before his death. won't's -- west point's combating center published document and a letter from the al qaeda leader on its web site. they were written between 2006 and last april, and they show bin laden focused on major terror plots in the afterth of 9/11. concerned about the direction al qaeda was headed. >> this shows an organization in decline, under siege, and really feeling the pressure. >> the documents show bin laden was plotting to assassinate president obama and then nato commander david petraeus. about 250 family members of 9/11 victims applied for seats
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to this weekend's trial of khalid she can muhammad. he is accused of orchestrating the deadly attacks. only six seats are available. four other men are facing charge of killing almost 3,000 people in the attacks. more than 200 journalist applied for clearance to come to the proceedings. this morning, family and friends will gather for a funeral mass for the seven people killed when their suv plunged off a highway and into the bronx zoo. the accident happened sunday. the victims are all part of the same family and include three small children. dozens of people turned out last night for the family's wake. police believe speed was a factor in this accident. this morning, the san diego medical examiner is waiting for the family of junior seau to decide if they will turn over his brain to outside researchers for study. boston university's medical center has analyzed the brains of dozens of former athletes, and according to "sports illustrated," they have requested to do the same in this case. the former nfl star committed suicide on wednesday.
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seau's death follows the suicide last year of former bears player dave doerson who also shot himself in the chest. bringing up the question on long-term effects of concussions. total the lawyer for the 101-year-old millionaire who sent hundred of thousands of dollars to john edwards is expected to take the stand in his campaign corruption trial. an interior designer testified yesterday about his role in funneling secret money from the millionaire to pay for what was described as edwards' personal expenses. the designer, brian huffman, testified rachel benny mellon sent him checks that totaled $725,000 for fake antique furniture purchases. huffman said he then endorsed the checks and sent them to a fundraiser for edwards' 2008 campaign. the checks stopped after her lawyer learned about them. several aides described efforts to hide the former presidential candidate's affair with rielle hunter. prosecutors are trying to prove that edwards illegally used campaign donations to do it.
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edwards denies the charges. five exotic animals will begin their journey back to their ohio home today. last october, their owner, terry thompson, released dozens of wild animals from his farm, then committed suicide. police were forced to shoot more than 40 tigers, lion, and bears thompson's widow is taking in two leopards, two monkeys, and a bear and bringing them back to the farm. the new jersey mom accused of letting her 5-year-old use a tanning bed is firing back at critics. since the story broke, 44-year-old patricia krencel has become the butt of jokes on late night talk shows. yesterday she told reporters outside her home she's an excellent mother and the victim of fat and ugly critics who are jealous. that's according to the "new york post." she's charged with child endangerment after her daughter showed up at school last week with a slight burn. krencel says her child has never been in the tanning bed, and it's all a misunderstanding. mac lovers know a new iphone
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is coming. this morning the rumor mill is churn being what it might look like., i guess that's where iphone lovers hang out, in the ilounge, they've posted a mockup detailing some of the change. they say the biggest update is the screen which will grow half an inch to four inches. they also expect it to be about 20% thinner and feature a new docking port. the back may also be made of aluminum instead of glass. released this fall. going to get people. that's a big change. >> yeah. facebook is hoping for a big payday next week as it set the price range for its initial public offering on the stock market. the social networking site set an expected price of $28 $35 per share which could bring in more than $13 billion. it's being called one of the largest u.s. stock market deals ever. the price range means the company has a value of around $86 billion, making it the most
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valuable u.s. company to ever go public. one from the dumb criminal file. three thieves in michigan pulled off a pretty daring heist and later discovered the joke was on them. the crooks broke into a jewelry store, they grabbed any and everything they could get their hands on. after they loaded their bags with what they thought were expensive jewels, they sped off -- turns out almost all of that loot was fake. cubic zirconia, silver instead of gold, diamond and platinum. the storeowner says they were sample rings. the expensive and sound. >> i know. exactly. it's a little bit humid out there. >> i would say, even in here i can feel it. >> muggy. we want to check in with tom kierein to find out what the weather holds. >> we had overnight thunderstorms so the atmosphere has been sort of saturated with humidity this morning in the wake of that. and as we look at the last 12 hours, the last of the storms after they crossed the bay dissipated quickly. now we have a mostly clear sky. and the big nearly full super moon is setting in the western sky. and as we look at temperatures,
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it's a mild morning. we're in the 60s from west virginia and across virginia, maryland, the eastern shore. cooler, eastern side of the bay, near 60. around washington, low to mid 60s in the nearby suburb and in downtown washington. for today, we'll have temperatures quickly climbing. a few clouds in and out. noontime, near 80. by mid-afternoon, mid 80s. then after that, we could get thunderstorms developing and moving in from west to east. some of those storm could produce isolated wind damage and hail from late this afternoon and perhaps through part of this friday evening. and then by dawn, on saturday near 60. during the day on saturday, partly cloudy with afternoon highs around 80 degrees. there's only a slight chance of perhaps a late afternoon or evening thundershower on saturday. and then sunday, cooler weather moves in. should be great weather for the avon walk for breast cancer. that is taking place on sunday morning. and that walk includes a big area that includes walking from the district all the way to
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southern montgomery county. great weather for that walk. cloudy in the morning, in the 50s. sun back in the afternoon, into the mid 70s. into next week, high 70s each day. maybe some rain tuesday, wednesday. danella, good morning. how's traffic? checking the roadways, looking really good along i-95 from stafford heading all the way to the capital beltway. you're clear in both directions. here's a live look as you make your way past dumfries. southbound as well as northbound, absolutely clear. no roadwork and a great travel speed. driving at about 63 miles per hour right now. now, as we head over to the wilson bridge, in fact, as you're traveling on that outer loop of the beltway and inner loop from the interchange to the wilson bridge, you are clear. here's a travel speed for you. looking at about 60 miles per hour as you make your way from van dorn street. and yesterday, i had the pleasure of hosting the annual fundraiser for the maya angelou's public charter ngelou joined kanye west to
5:24 am
help raise for the see forever foundation that helps at-risk kids in the district by supporting them with educational and leadership skills. now along with the see forever foundation, this year's fundraiser will also help with renovation at the maya angelou public charter schools. it was an awesome, awesome night. and a complete pleasure to interview dr. angelou. so excited. >> what were your impressions from her, having the opportunity to talk to her a little bit? >> yes. it was amazing. the amazing thing about the schools, these are at-risk children that were kicked out of other schools. sometimes one, two, three times kicked out of other schools. they go to the schools, get rehabilitated, and actually matriculate and stay in college. an amazing cause. great program. >> my question is, how do you feel this morning? bet you're tired. >> i am almost a zombie, but well worth it. >> you look great and looked great last night. >> thank you. right field, jayson werth
5:25 am
has a play. the nats have a series. >> so much for a slump. the nationals won their second straight game last night, beating the arizona diamondbacks 2-1. they had lost five in a row before that. brice harper has the key hit. a double in the sixth inning that gave the nats the lead. the first place nationals are now 16 and nine on the season. they host the phillies this weekend. steven strassburg pitches for the nats tonight. and mayor gray wants nats fans to pack nationals park for all three games of the series. he's declared this nat-itude weekend and wants washingtonians to show support for the home team. the front office has budget focused on this -- has been focused on this all weekend. they blocked single game ticket sales from outside the region in hopes of keeping philadelphia fans away. philly fans have been notorious for flocking to nationals park and cheering on the road team in past years. one of baseball's best pitchers may never step on the
5:26 am
mound again. new york yankee closer mariano rivera tore a knee ligament before the game against kansas city yesterday. rivera was catching a flyball during batting practice. and he twisted his we do and fell to the ground. the 42-year-old will most likely be out for the rest of the year as he recovers from knee surgery. he told reporters later he doesn't know if he will ever pitch again. we hope the best for his recovery. he was the king of pop, and this weekend pepsi will start selling a limited edition can with the image of the late michael jackson. it will be available first in china, but it should get to the u.s. later this month at some point. the late king of pop who pitched pepsi in the 1980s will appear in some of his iconic dance poses for the promotion. the jackson cans are part of pepsi's new live for now campaign. >> love it.=dittle["+l michael jackson fans. nice throwback to the '80s, too. pepsi cans. >> we were talking about this, pepsi. >> clear stuff? we didn't like that apparently.
5:27 am
pepsi got rid of it, it looks like. >> maybe they'll bring it back. we'll see. >> never know. the sometime 5:26. coming up, going backourt. the latest as the mother of yeardl yeardley love starts a lawsuit. and a missing clock, where it will turn up next. and a line of storms in kentucky could have problems later
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look at stories making headlines -- police are trying to figure out the motive behind a deadly church shooting. two women found shot inside the church, a third person found dead nearby. president obama talking about the value of a college education as he visits virginia today. he'll deliver the message to high school students in arlington as he pushes congress to keep interest rates low on student loans. getting to events this weekend could be a challenge as metro does weekend track work. the biggest headache is on the green line where four stations will be closed. we'll is much more on those stires throughout the morning. good morning, i'm angie goff in for eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist.
5:31 am
welcome back to "news4 today" on this friday, may 4. looking outside, you'll find a bit of humidity and clouds hanging in, as well. tom kierein's here to break down the forecast for us. >> and thankfully not as cloudy as yesterday morning. not as much fog around. we have a little bit of patchy ground fog in the wake of the overnight thunderstorms that came through. but as we look at the radar, look at that cluster of color moving there in the lower left of the screen. that area in yellow and red pulling out of kentucky, into southern west virginia. a disturb an that's going to be coming our way by later this afternoon. it is producing rain, thunder and lightning, but no severe weather. if you are traveling, could be flight delays, new york city over the early morning hours. they have a cluster of thunderstorms moving in there. that may move toward providence and boston, too, later in the morning. there is a severe zone potential here later this afternoon. all this area in yellow. most of eastern virginia, a lot of maryland, the eastern shore, and philadelphia to new york, there could be flight delays later this afternoon with strong storms producing perhaps damaging winds and hail. that would be mid to late
5:32 am
afternoon. right now, patchy ground fog. that's the only travel problem. and it's mild comparatively. in the 60s from the mountains all the way to the beaches. low to mid 60s around washington. and for today, by 9:00, we'll have just a few clouds around. a lot of sun, into the mid 70s by noontime for your lunch hour. climbing to around 80, mid 80s mid-afternoon, maybe some storms moving in. i'll have an update in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic for this friday morning. good morning. good morning. traveling in the district now, not seeing anything really slowing down. here's a live look traveling on new york avenue. heading from 50 to new york avenue, travel lanes are open. no accidents, no construction now at this time. now over to montgomery county. here's a live look at colesville road and university. in fact, on colesville road making your way from bridge cheney heading down to downtown silver spring, even to the beltway, you're clear in both directions. and on the rails, i'm seeing just a moderate delay. a ten-minute delay on the marc, brunswick east, train 890. now metro, vre aren't reporting
5:33 am
delays at this time. angie, over to you. >> thank you. two women shot inside a church. someone else found dead outside. this morning, police are still trying to figure out what happened at the st. peter's episcopal church in ellicott city. investigators say a janitor found the women in the church office just before 5:30. he called 911. one woman died, a s.w.a.t. team and k-9 unit searching the woods outside of the building found a man dead. investigators believe he shot and killed himself. police say they're searching for clues and trying to figure out if thethe woods also shot the two women. >> we don't know for sure how long the bodies were we don't know who the man in the woods is, we don't even know for sure who the two victims are. >> the surviving victim is in the hospital this morning listed in critical condition. we are working to learn the name of the pedestrian who was killed in dale city. that man was walking along dale boulevard near forrest dale
5:34 am
avenue when he was hit by a car. no charges have been filed so a 4-year-old montgomery girl lucky to be alive after falling out of a second-story window. this happened at an apartment complex in aspen hill. the little girl fell to the grass. no word on her injuries. fire officials urging all families now to childproof window screens as the weather is warming up. the attorney for a developer who admits to bribing former prince george's county executive jack johnson calls his client's sentence fair. a judge sentenced dr. merz merza bague to 18 nths prison yesterday. he was caught on surveillance video handing johnson $15,000 in cash. prosecutors say he paid johnson and county housing director james johnson hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. this happened over several years in exchange for federal housing funds. a judge sentenced former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. to three years and two
5:35 am
months in jail for stealing taxpayer money meant for kids. now the question is where and when thomas will serve his prison time. his attorneys asked his service time be in florida or alabama. no decision was made. prosecutors agree to let thomas begin his sentence at a later date. the former ward 5 council member pleaded guilty to two felony counts. thomas apologized at his hearing. he said he put himself ahead of the need of his constituents. 5:35. the mother of murdered university of virginia student yeardley love is suing the school and the state. sharon love filed a $30 million wrongful death lawsuit against the school athletic director as well as the men's lacrosse coach. she claims the school ignored erratic and aggressive behavior by george huguely. earlier this year, huguely was convicted of murdering love in 2010. he'll be sentenced in august. virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli denies the state or university did anything wrong.
5:36 am
this morning the georgetown university stolen clock hands could be on their way to vatican city. three students sent an e-mail to a campus magazine addressed to the community. in it, three people nicknamed reaper, gloith, and juliet, claimed responsibility for taking off the clock hands from healy hall. the e-mail included a picture of some gold clock hands. it said the clock hands are safely en route to the vatican to be blessed by the pope. the healy clock hand wes were l stolen in 2005. interesting. why the clock hands? >> to the pope? all right. >> odd story. >> i assume they'll get back to georgetown, too. 5:36 now. an uninvited guest. the frightening surprise a firefighter got while spending the day at home. plus, a desert fit for a queen. how -- dessert fit for a queen, excuse me. how one bakeview honoring kwibz -- bakery is honoring kwibz's
5:37 am
queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. >> what to expect throughout the day with weather.
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[ female announcer ] allergy congestion? allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. now here's a sweet treat for her majesty, the queen of england. a london baker is baking a
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portrait of queen elizabeth using 3,120akes, one for each week of her reign. each cake will be hand-dipped in various colors of icing to make the portrait. it's part of the diamond jubilee, celebrating her 60 years on the throne. right now, he is doing a test run. the final sweet confection should be ready in june. extraordinary. >> no small undertaking. too much time on his hands. still creative. >> that's like something big in the cake business. i have seen people for the birthdays have human-sized cakes made of themselves. >> but to -- to do the individual -- >> no. not like a grid. that's neat. >> good for him. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein standing by. we're starting off with a nice, warm, kind of humid morning. but things, you said, could take a turn? >> yeah. we saw a live view from the city camera. there's a bit of daylight showing up.
5:41 am
a partly cloudy start. the air is humid. we have a little patchy fog in some of the rural areas, lingering from the overnight thundershowers that came through. they're long gone now. there is one thundershower that's popped up way out in far northern west virginia. that's drifting east. that may be getting closer toward the panhandle of west virginia over the next hour or so. right this partly cloudy sky, we're in the low to mid 60s all around the region. that includes prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, and the district. and here's your day planner. there's that soft pink and blue. sunrise underway. sun's up at 6:06. by 9 clock, mid 70s, partly cloudy, near 80 by noontime. 80s mid to late afternoon. we could have thunderstorms popping up. the strongest storms may be late afternoon, between 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. by then, we could have storms producing damaging winds and hail. maybe lingering showers and thunder until midnight for your friday. that's your evening planner. a look at the weekend into next week, the national travel forecast, that's in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? traveling in montgomery
5:42 am
county, we have traffic lights out at the intersection of muncaster mill road at bowie mill road. utility screw on scene. use caution as you approach the intersection. over to i-66, making your way past the rest area, seeing your volume increase. the good news is your travel lanes are open. and you're clear. travel speed from fairfax county parkway, driving at 61 miles per hour. 1 minutes to get -- 11 minutes to get to the beltway. inside the beltway on 66, no issues there. here's a live look past glebe. from the beltway this time the gw parkway, driving at 57 miles per hour. an 11-minute ride. angie and aaron, back to you. >> all right. thank you. 5:42. a lot of events around the week this weekend. good luck getting there. the metro stations you'll need to avoid as weekend track work continues. plus, the legend lives on. where you can catch the story of prince george's county's goat man.
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today the city of sanford, florida, will introduce a new indistrict police chief. richard meyers replaces bill lee. lee stepped down temporarily amid criticism for his department's handling of the trayvon martin case. so far, city leaders rejected lee's offer of resignation. they say they will not make a final decision on that until several reviews are completed on how the martin case was handled. a baltimore man could spend the next ten years in prison for a beating that's drawn comparisons to the martin case. a 24-year-old was found guilty of second-degree assault and other charges. in november, 2010, he and his brother avi attacked a black teenager who they thought was suspicious looking. the brothers were part of a jewish neighborhood watch group. the judge didn't agree with their lawyer's claim of self-defense but did clear avi of all charge.
5:47 am
sentencing for the 24-year-old is set for june 27. a former national archives worker will spend 18 months behind bars for stealing items he was supposed to be preserving. leslie wafen worked at the archives for more than 40 years. prosecutors say he stole and sold thousands of historic recordings on eastbound, among them -- on ebay, among them an eyewitness account of the hindenburg crash and interview with baseball legend jackie robinson. a firefighter in montgomery county recovering from heart surgery got quite the stress test when two men tried to break into his home. phil herbert says he saw a man he did not recognize. he kept ringing the doorbell over and over. he then heard two men smashing the window of his patio door, trying to get inside. herbert locked himself in his room and called 911. >> scared? >> yeah. i will admit that i was scared. to death. nothing scares me, but that scared me. >> were you huddled up --
5:48 am
>> yeah, i was huddled up. i was in between the wall and the bed, just -- quietly talking to the dispatcher. >> herbert says the police arrived quickly, scaring the would-be robbers off. today a montgomery county family is waking up with friends after a car exploded in their garage and caught the house on fire. this happened last night in the 5100 block of baltimore avenue in bethesda. jerry gidwreath and his family got out safely. he tells news4 the warning signs came when the lights inside that home started to flicker. >> all of a sudden we heard a boom. i was afraid they might have been hit. they said they were okay. i came up the stairs to the door that goes out in the garage, and there was a flame there. >> total of three people were inside that house. no one was hurt in the fire. the family's three cats are still missing. parking prices in d.c. could soon depend on supply and demand. according to the "washington examiner," mayor gray wants to expand so-called performance
5:49 am
parking citywide. the program would allow parking officials change prices several times a year based on demand. for example, a spot on h street in northeast runs $2 an hour after 6:30 p.m. that's about triple the price from during the day. performance parking is already used in wards one and six. it's estimated about 30% of traffic downtown can be blamed on drivers looking for parking. mitt romney has some ground to make up if he wants to win virginia this november. president obama leads the presumptive gop nominee by 7% in the latest "washington post" poll of virginia voters. the president continues to do well among young voters, suburban washingtonians, women, and african-americans. however, the survey indicates a lot of virginians are not happy with the way things are going in the country. and that could help romney make up some ground. a new poll shows that tariq salahi is going to have a tough time running for governor in virginia. salahi announced last month that he plans to run on the
5:50 am
republican ticket. a new survey by the public policy polling group says only 2% of virginians polled have positive reactions to that news. only 1/3 said that they held an unfavorable view of salahi. a state board of elections official says candidates cannot officially declare until january 1. we've got some good news if your kids dig dinosaurs. the smithsonian is building a new dinosaur hall on the national mall, and it's all thanks to a wealthy businessman. david coke is donating $35 million to the smithsonian's national museum of natural history to pay for the building. it's the single biggest gift in the museum's 102-year history. coke gave the smithsonian $15 million in 2009 for a new exhibit hall about human revolution -- evolution. >> that's going to be cool to have just a dedicated dinosaur facility there. part of the smithsonian. >> going to be awesome. kids love dinosaurs. >> coming up on 5:51.
5:51 am
tom kierein is here, also a science fan. we know. we're glad about that. >> i think kids like dinosaurs because they act like them, many of them. >> monsters. t-rex -- >> destroying everything in their wake. >> they eat everything, too. >> here comes the toddler-saurus. here this morning, we're starting off with a few clouds lingering from the overnight storms. if you're traveling today, there could be some delays in chicago, detroit from thunderstorms, as well as perhaps between here and boston. and perhaps down toward atlanta. otherwise, no travel delays around the rest of the nation. locally, under a partly cloudy sky. approaching in the 60s. these areas in light green, 60s. maryland, west virginia, the district, and virginia. and eastern shore, a few locations there upper 50s. the darker green, northeastern maryland, too. the upper 50s. a few spots in the mountains. getting one thundershower, now getting close to canaan valley, west virginia.
5:52 am
thunder and lightning, southern, southwestern west virginia into eastern kentucky. this disturbance is going to be coming euro way later today. as a result -- coming our way later today. as a result, we could have a severe chance in the metro area and areas along i-95 and points east between washington philadelphia to new york between about 4:00 to around 9:00 this evening. hometown forecast, loudoun county, leesburg, by later this afternoon, into the mid 80s and maybe thunderstorms popping up there. and then overnight tonight for your friday evening, maybe lingering showers and thunder until around midnight. and then by dawn on saturday, we ought to be down to near 60 degrees. saturday, looks like a partly cloudy day with temperatures up near 80 tomorrow afternoon. there's only a slight chance of maybe an afternoon or evening thundershower on saturday. then sunday, clouds in the morning. 50s, afternoon highs mid 70s. and for monday, looking a bit cooler, near 50 in the morning. mostly cloudy with highs only near 70. high 70s, too, on tuesday, wednesday. account get passing showers both days. and looks like a cooler end to the week, too, with highs near
5:53 am
70 on thursday. now to the weekend and beginning tomorrow, they have the opening ceremonies for the avon walk for breast cancer. the actual walk is sunday. starts at 7:00. and it should be cloudy then with temperatures around 60 degre degrees. by the end of the walk, sunny, mid 70s. mid sunday afternoon, a long walk, includes areas from the mall all around washington and then north up into southern montgomery county. overall looks like great weather for the avon walk for breast cancer on sunday. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. danella has a look at our friday traffic. good morning. good morning, in f you're taking metro on the -- if you're taking metro on the orange line, an earlier malfunction at stadium armory. are you seeing delays through to new carrollton. also seeing delays still on the brunswick east train of the marc. 890, a ten-minute delay. also seeing a ten-minute delay on the vre/fredericksburg line. train 304. to the roadways, have a disabled vehicle in your right shoulder lane. outer loop as you make your way
5:54 am
past arlington boulevard. have a flat bed on the scene looking to tow the car out of the roadway. travel speed not affecting you. driving at 61 miles per hour on the outer loop of the beltway. now over to i-270, are you slow southbound in this area. in fact, slow as you make your way toward 109. delays, they stop around clarksburg road. once you get to clarksburg, you continue southbound heading toward the beltway. travel lanes are open. no heavy volume right now. now back to you both. >> thank you, danella. going to be a busy weekend in the district with the caps and the nats in town for big games, and the avon walk for breast cancer. getting to those events might be a little tough. track work will have an impact on all five metro lines. four stations on the green line are closing, greenbelt, college park, prince george's plaza, and west hyattsville. metro says you should expect ys because of the closures. yellow line trains will only run between mt. vernon square and huntington. you'll also run into single tracking on the red, orange, and blue lines. all that work expected to start
5:55 am
at 10:00 tonight. metro is going to bill the caps for staying open an extra hour wednesday for the playoff game that went into triple overtime, according to the "washington post." metro's spokesman says part of the more than 29 -- $29,000 bill will be charged to the capitals. he says there is a prearranged agreement between the caps and metro to stay open later if needed during the playoff season. consider this before you book your summer vacation -- imagine getting to check your bags faster, skip long lines at security, and board your flight sooner. those are some of the perks of usairways' preferred access program. it's offering the frog all of its passengers for -- the program for all of its passengers who are part of usairways' dividend mile program. this morning, students are ditching heavy, old textbooks and picking up a high-tech new tool.
5:56 am
student at lo-- students at longbranch school in new jersey are using a tablet. it's motivating kids and giving teachers instant information on homework. >> this tool keeps the students engaged. >> the kids are so interested nn class. >> if i'm on a trip, i get to see it quicker because i'll have a computer with me. >> it's like faster and you access more stuff with it. >> the students have been using these samsung galaxy tablets for just about four months. officials say they do not have any test scores right now to measure the change from textbook to tablet. but they say they noticed a dramatic improvement in readability from students who used the tablets. >> i would have liked a calculator like that back then. remember the massive ones -- >> the big old -- like that size. then the graphing calculators that were longer -- >> uh-huh. >> had 8,000 buttons. yeah. >> times have changed. there is a local filmmaker
5:57 am
who's bringing a popular urban legend to the screen. >> maryland filmmaker derek parks is getting buzz for his new horror movie, "return of the goat man." it's based on the myth of a violent goat-like creature rumored to be the product of a bad experiment at the usda research center in beltsville. the regiend started in the '60s. -- legend started in the '60s. parks said he first heard of the goat man while working on a construction project at the glendale santorum. he said the hardest part of making the movie -- the special effects. >> the biggest thing is budget. if you're working on a shoestring budget and trying to put together a class-a movie, it's an extreme challenge. we came in with a business sense and really organized. we had a vision in mind. it made it easier of doing the story. >> "return of the goat man" will premiere sunday at the afi theater in silver spring. >> i talked to derek ward who grew up in this area. he said he remembers that story
5:58 am
from his childhood and his mom and dad telling him about, you know -- that was how they kept the kids in check. told them about the goat man story. folks from here will be getting out to see
5:59 am


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